Monday, November 14, 2011

My almost ready shop!

I'm really excited that my new shop is starting to look great and I can't wait to move in this week! All that's left are the lightings for my display and work table, as well as the display board for hanging my jewelry pieces and my table's tackboard. I'm looking forward to taking out my pieces, writing descriptions for each piece so that you know exactly what materials I used and what kind of work went into each special design. Although my shop will be ready soon, I still have my kitchen renovations to contend with. That will take us to the end of November. I'm hoping to re-open in early December.

While we wait for my shop to open, here are some photos of the process...

This used to be my daughter's room. We moved her to a bigger room. Thankful for a very supportive husband who actually wanted me to use the smaller living room space but I decided to keep everything confined to this room.

On the 4th day of the renovations the carpenters put up the cupboards. It was really exciting to see my dream slowly becoming a reality. I've waited two years!

Doors and drawers being installed!

All done except the suede display board! Don't you think it looks wonderful?!

Do check back every now and then for more news! Have a great week, everyone!