Friday, February 20, 2009


1. Which necklace length is suitable for me?
Here's a short description of the traditional lengths and samples of my work:

a. Collar 12-13 inches
This is usually made up of 3 or more strands that lie snugly on the middle of the neck. It's very Victorian looking and goes best with elegant a V-neck, a boat neck or off the shoulder tops.

b. Choker 14-16 inches
This is the most classic and yet versatile of all single strand lengths. It can go well with any outfit from the casual to the fancy evening wear.

c. Princess 17-19 inches
This is best suited for high necklines and complements the low plunging neckline. It's also the right length to hang a pendant.

d. Matinee 20-24 inches
This is longer than the Princess and just a bit shorter than the opera length. It's a good choice for casual or business dressing.

e. Opera 28-34 inches
This is the queen of all lengths. When worn as a single strand it looks refined and is perfect for high necklines. When double, it serves as a versatile 2-strand collar.

f. Rope/Lariat Over 45 inches
Another versatile necklace which allows you to break it down to multistrands or a bracelet using a clasp. This is a must in any wardrobe!

2. How do I go about ordering if I see something I like?
Drop me an email citing the code number so I can make sure it's still available. You can then go back the page and pay via Paypal.
After payment is received I will send the piece to you by post (extra charge) or meet you somewhere convenient for both of us if you live in Singapore. For overseas orders, I'll let you know how much the postage is depending on the weight, your location, insurance and shipping choice.

3. How do I pay for what I order?
After checking on your favourite piece's availability, you can go back to the page and click on the Add To Cart button below the code number to pay via Paypal.

4. What if I see something I like but prefer a different length or colour?
This will be considered custom work which will cost about 15-30% more of the stated price (depending on how much time I spend designing a new pattern, how much more materials are needed and if I have to make a special trip to suppliers). I will also need 3-4 weeks' notice.

5. How will my jewelry be packed?
Each necklace and bracelet will be nicely packed in a box with a matching ribbon. Ear-rings are hung from a card, wrapped in plastic and pouch.