Friday, June 22, 2012

Ear-ring Designs for Jewelry Making Workshop on 30th June 2012

Dear Friends,
I'm really looking forward to spending the afternoon with you on Saturday!  I've designed a few styles of ear-rings for you to pick from.  As you know, 3 hours is a short time and I've selected ear-rings that are manageable for that time slot.  I've added more wirework ear-rings and a couple of beadwork (you will use metal threads to sew together tiny beads) for you to work on.  There are thousands of designs you can possibly make using these techniques and I hope this will encourage you to explore further the creative side of you!

Some of you have decided on gemstones or freshwater pearl ear-rings.  I will leave you to design and experiment when you come!

Below are the photos and the colour choices of some designs available on that day.

 #1 Swarovski graduated rounds of either crystals or pearls with 3 chain dangles.  
Elegant and suitable for evening wear.

#1 Colours available (clockwise): powder rose, bronze,
olivine green, platinum, brown, copper, purple.

 #2 Swarovski pearl flowers using Japanese Delica beads, 
as well as beadwork and wirework techniques. For those who would like a challenge.

 #2 Colours available (clockwise): rosalind pink, powder rose, purple,
green, creamrose, bronze, peach, coral.

 #3 Swarovski pearls stacked 12mm, 10mm, 8mm and 6mm.

 #3 Colours available: Creamrose, light gray, rose peach and crystal white.

 #4 For those who really love a challenge, here's a caged 12mm Swarovski pearl with lots of 
3mm Swarovski bicones for bling galore!  

 #4 In another colour. (My personal favourite!)

 #4 Colours available (clockwise): creamrose, purple, peach, crystal white,
rose peach, copper, platinum.  You can select your own Swarovski bicone colours when you come.

 #5 Swarovski grape clusters using 6mm and 4mm pearls.  You will get lots of practice making loops for this project!  Suitable for day or evening wear.

#5 Colours available (clockwise): yellow, rosalind pink, blue,
copper, powder rose, green, rose peach.  

I do have a few more designs you can choose from when you come on Saturday.  If I have time, I'll upload them for you to see.  Until then, shalom!